To Do Immediately

     Do not contact the Plaintiff.  They have taken a very serious step to harm you.

     All additional attempts to contact them can be extra "counts" of harassment.


     Take the charges seriously.  The consequences of a restraining order can

     be severe and life changing.

      Prepare to hear the plaintiff lie under oath whether you have known them for

      30 minutes or 30 years.

      Understand that your adversary and numerous people you are about to meet

           probably have  narcissistic personality disorder.

     Understand that there is no justice - there is Just Us.

     Print a copy of the Bench Guide for Judges; read it a few times,

     take it with you to interview any attorneys.  If they tell you they

     already know everything in it, use it to test their knowledge on the spot.

     If they laugh at you and refuse, say, "Thank you for your time"

     and walk out — better yet, run to find a more humble and confident


     Thousands of innocent people are restrained every year.

     Try to visit the clerk of the court with cash ready; ask to view the complaint, get a copy.

     Interview lots of lawyers - do not give them a large retainer at the first meeting


     If you have not been physically handed paperwork signed by a Judge

     ordering you to appear at a hearing, you are not obligated to appear in

     front a judge, nor are you restrained.  Local rules of

     court establish different procedures.  Some issue a TRO whether the defendant is

     present or not.  At all courts, the judge is not required to let you speak at the first of

     at least two hearings.  In some courts, it is thus best not to appear at the first hearing

     called the ex-parte hearing since the judge can immediately restrain you if he can

     see you.

     Consider filing a cross-complaint against your adversary.  You must do so early

     in the process.

     Consider an Anti-SLAPP suit!!! -  if the lawsuit arises from any act of defendant in

            furtherance of the defendant's right of petition, government access, or free speech.

     Pro-per process serving

     Filing for Appeal 60 days

     Order Transcripts

Nothing contained herein is tendered as nor should it be considered as legal advice.  What is legal is not necessarily justice.  Almost all of reality is non-"published", ergo, what is legally affirmed is always a retarded misrepresentation of reality.   Use at your own risk!