Handling Your Case

Tips for getting through the process of your local court and clerk.

Most important tip - the clerks are your friends even when they are not, be nice.


Superior Courts routinely improperly grant restraining orders.

Appeals, Appeal Process, Appealing with no lawyer

Forms to file:

Free but can not be saved: from the government of California Judicial Forms

Government Sources

CLETS - California Law Enforcement Telecommunication System

California Courts Protective Order Registry

as of 2/18/2012:

One Branch: California Courts Protective Order Registry


Settling with multiple Defendants - Good Faith Required

Attorneys Mackenroth & Laird LLP has a well written tip about the requirement to settle with all defendants in "good faith"

2009 California Rules of Court Rule 3.1382. Good faith settlement and dismissal

Trial Docket CIVMS900013


Appealing Civil Harassment Orders

Since civil harassment is decided without a jury, under exceptional conditions, the appeal court may modify or find new facts, may accept new evidence, and even witness testimony.  CCCP 909  Thus an exception to the

Discovery Tips

With the term "discovery" we again arrive at a word that the legal profession of the world think is perfectly fine to steal from the plain english meaning of the word.

Well, not so fast.

Civilharassment.com includes in the rubric of discovery all the means a party can use to learn what has occurred.  …

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